Predator – Powerful open-source platform for load testing APIs


Predator manages the entire lifecycle of stress-testing servers, from creating performance tests, to running these tests on a scheduled and on-demand basis, and finally viewing the test results in a highly informative and live report.

It has a simple, one-click installation, built with support for Kubernetes, DC/OS and Docker Engine, and can persist the created performance tests and their reports in 5 different databases. It also supports running distributed load out of the box. Bootstrapped with a user-friendly UI alongside a simple REST API, Predator helps developers simplify the performance testing regime.


Distributed Load❇️Predator supports an unlimited number of load generators that produce multiple load runners concurrently.
Functional Testing🆕Run functional tests with various types of assertions and later on see the results in the report page.
Streaming Integration🆕Produce predator resources to Kafka easily and seamlessly.
Rich UI❇️Predator offers a rich UI where you can write tests, run them and compare results.
Reports && Tests Persistence❇️Predator provides out-of-the box functionality for persisting data in Postgres, MySQL, MSSQL and SQLITE.
Real time reports❇️Predator aggregates all concurrent runs into a single beautiful report in real time (latency, rps, status codes and more).
CSV Datasets❇️Predator support uploading files like csv to provide dataset for test inputs
Scheduled runs❇️Predator can run recurring tests using cron expressions.
REST API❇️Full REST API to integrate Predator with CI/CD frameworks
Benchmarks❇️Set benchmarks to compare test runs to ensure performance degradation is discovered early in development. Allows to measure every build and release against specified baseline results guaranteeing safer releases to production.
Cloud Native❇️Predator is built to take advantage of Kubernetes and DC/OS. It’s integrated with those platforms and can manage the load generators lifecycles by itself.
Prometheus/Influx integration❇️Predator comes integrated with Prometheus and Influx. Simply configure it through the predator REST API or using the UI.
Compare Multiple tests results❇️Built-in dashboard to compare multiple test runs at once.
Webhooks API🆕Supported in Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord or JSON format for an easy server to server integration.

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