Install Home Assistant on Ubuntu 17/18 and Raspberry Pi

Home-Assistant Virtual Env

There is few ways of installing Home-Assistant out there but the way i liked the most is the manual way using Python Virtual Env.

In this Guide i will explain how to install Home-Assistant on on pc running Ubuntu server and Raspberry pi running the latest version of Raspbian using Python VirtualEnv.

so lets get start…

1. Install all updates

2. Installing Virtual Environment

3. Adding User, Folders and setting permissions

In this step we will add the user for the Home Assistant, Create the folders and give it the permissions needed for Home Assistant to run correctly.

check that your configuration works by browsing to http://your.ip:8123 You will probably see some componenets popping up if you are running Plex media server or other services which HA can discover automatically.

4. Enable Autostart of Home Assistant

Now, after checking that the installation workd and Home-Assistant is running as expected all we have left to do is create a systemd service to set Home-Assistant to Autostart. in order to do this follow the instructions in the following lines:

Good Luck!

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