Populate Catch All – Find all of your ungrouped entities

Populate Catch All

So, if you are like me and having a big list of entities it’s very likely missd a few while creating groups and views.

After searching a bit in Home Assistant Community forums i have found this amazing script that takes all the UnGroupd emtities and places that in a view.

In this Article i’ll show you how to use this python script.

The first thing we shuold do is add a Directory named python_scrips right under Home-Assistant Config dir:

Populate Catch All Python_scripts

Now, create a files calld populate_catchall_group.py and add the following content into the file and save it:

Save the file and close i2

Now, in Home-Assistant configuration file “configuration.yaml” add the next line to tell home assistant load the script:


* Using “!include_dir_merge_list” will cause Home Assistant to load all the files in the given path”.


In this stage we will create an empty group/view so the script will attach the UnGroupd entities to it. to this add the next lines into groups.yaml:


and save it.

In this stage we will add an Automation to tell Home-Assistant run the script at startup. to do this add the next lines into “automations.yaml”:


Save the file and restrt Home Assistant

Alongside with the automation we can also call the script manualy from Home-Assistant frontend using “Call Service” in the developer panel.

Search:  “python_script.populate_catchall_group”  and press the “Call Service” button:


Good Luck!

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